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  • Third Annual C3 Regional Advisory Board Meeting -

    Third Annual C3 Regional Advisory Board Meeting: Cultivating Equity and Inclusion in a Diverse Educational World

  • SEAs of the Future -

    BSCP Center Releases Publication on "Uncovering the Productivity Promise of Rural Education" 


About Us

The Central Comprehensive Center (C3) at the University of Oklahoma is one of a national network of 22 federally funded centers. The C3 mission is to provide high quality/high impact technical assistance that helps build or expand the capacity of the state education agency (SEA), intermediary agencies, and other educational systems in Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri to implement, support, scale-up, and sustain reform efforts to improve teaching and learning.

C3 has several components designed to maximize responsiveness and ensure technical assistance (TA) is relevant, useful, and of high quality.

State Coordinating Councils (SCCs): C3's SCCs include members from each state education agency's (SEA's) leadership working with the Center to identify state priorities and tailor work to meet specific and changing needs. To maintain the flow of communication and plan TA services, each state's SCC meets regularly with C3 staff members, partners, and collaborators.

C3 Advisory Board: The C3 Advisory Board is composed of educational and community stakeholders from every state in C3's region. Members are appointed by each state's governor and commissioner/superintendent. The Advisory Board meets annually to provide feedback and guidance for TA services and regional work plan.

  • Dr. Robert Hammond, Colorado Department of Education, Commisioner of Education
  • Mr. Brad Neuenswander, Kansas State Department of Education, Interim Commissioner
  • Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas State Department of Education, Commissioner
  • David Archer, State of Colorado, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor
  • Janae Ash, Pagosa Springs Middle School, Math Instructor
  • Dr. Robert Bartman, Center 58 School District, Superintendent of Schools
  • Dr. Kathleen Boyle-Dalen, Partnership for Regional Education Preparation-Kansas City, Vice President
  • Ms Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Missouri State Senate, Senator
  • Dr. Donald Claycomb, Linn State Technical College, President
  • Mr. Richard Garcia, Colorado Parent Coalition, Executive Director
  • Ms Ann Jarrett, Missouri National Education Association, Teaching and Learning Director
  • Mr. Ritchie Kracht, Clark County R-I School District, Superintendent of Schools
  • Mr. Gerry Lee, Missouri School Boards' Association, President
  • Dale McCall, Colorado BOCES Association, Executive Director
  • Dr. Debbie Mercer, Kansas State University, Dean of the College of Education
  • Mr. Damon Porter, State of Missouri, MoBroadbandNow Director
  • Dr. Margie Vandeven, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Commissioner
  • Mr. Kenneth Willard, Kansas State Board of Education, Kansas State Board of Education Member
Kerri Adams, Budget and Quality Assurance Coordinator
Ellen Balkenbush, Missouri Technical Assistance Liaison
Belinda Biscoe Boni, Principal Investigator
Michael Carter, Administrative Assistant
Rosie Garcia-Belina, ELL and Migrant Education Technical Assistance Coordinator
Tammy Keefer, Web Developer
Kyle Lankford, Communications Coordinator
Gary Manford, Kansas Technical Assistance Liaison
Donna Richardson, Director
Carol Surber, Senior Research Associate
Hayley Testerman, Communications Specialist
Lucy Trautman, Literacy Technical Assistance Coordinator
Mark Turner, Logistics Coordinator